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Has the option to edit a post been removed ?
I can’t find it any more.


EDIT 1: I have it some times but other I don’t

but here it is not present:

Is there any reason why one wouldn’t able to edit a post ?

It is fairly heavily time gated, though the exact time gate depends on your forum status. Part of the reason I am looking into other options than the forum to create guides. As soon as they go out of date or software changes, they are useless or even bad information.

I see. Any idea on the time range one can edit one’s post ?


I don’t recall. I think it was about a month. Maybe two?

*based on my posts, it looks like I can edit back about one month.

The post I wanted to edit is two days old and I can’t any more apparently.
My previous posts are 15 days old and I cant neither. :thinking:

I’m not aware of all of the other rules, but I think there is also a max edit count (*within some time period). Not sure what that is.

These settings will also depend on the trust level: https://blog.discourse.org/2018/06/understanding-discourse-trust-levels/

Only if you reached the member status you can edit for up to 30 days.


With your trust level, you should be able to edit posts forever, so I don’t think your statements hold here. If you make your posts ‘wiki’, then even users with lower trust levels can edit and improve your posts at any time.

Nevertheless, a (true) wiki format might be more suitable for documentation/guides, I agree.

I bumped you up one trust level, so you now should be able to edit posts.

Also, these settings can be changed according to the requirements of the community. So everybody, please feel free to suggest any changes to the existing time windows etc.

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I noticed the Wiki option in a description of Discourse forums, but I think that can be set by administrators only, and yeah, probably not the option I would want. I looked back and I lose the ability to edit at ~31 days.

We currently have these settings:


So you (at trust level 3) should be able to make your own posts wiki. If not, I guess that’s a bug and we’ll have to dig into it.

(Note that the Make Wiki option is hidden behind the “three-dots” (ellipsis) icon and then behind the wrench icon.)

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It is also possible I don’t know where to do it :slight_smile: It would definitely be nice to be able to edit my own posts though.

It was my understanding the Wiki setting should be in a wrench at the bottom of the post, within the admin menu.

I haven’t seen anything like that, but I could be missing it.

*And now I can edit posts waaaaaaay back. And I now see a wrench.
Also, the training robot puns. :grinning:

I don’t know what was wrong before, but I first unlocked your trust level – which set it back to trust level 2 – then switch it back to trust level 3, and because I wasn’t sure if that would do it, one second later increased it to trust level 4.

In any case, I’m glad that you now have all the power to make this forum even better. Thanks for all your contributions, by the way! :grinning: