Edit mode in SNT not working

I am using fiji-SNT to trace oligodendrocytes and for some reason the edit mode does not work. None of the function in the mode are working, and it seems like the mouse is unresponsive. However, I can select pathways if I’m not in the mode. Is this a fiji problem or a computer configuration problem?

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Hi @Beth_Pereira, welcome to the forum!

That seems odd, I am unable to reproduce this with Fiji on Windows 10 64 bit with the latest SNT (v3.1.109) available through the Neuroanatomy update site.

After selecting the single path you want to edit and then clicking Edit Path in the right-click menu, does the red “Edit Mode” canvas annotation shown in the top left corner of the below image appear for you?

If Edit Mode is working, this annotation should be visible and a green crosshair should appear on the nearest node to your mouse cursor as you hover over the editing path. Additionally, all of the functions in the right-click menu between Edit Path and Pause SNT should become active, whereas they would remain greyed-out when not in Edit Mode. Note that only one path may be selected at a time in order to enable Edit Mode.

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