Edit IJ behaviour in dragging Polyline ROI around image?

One of my analyses involves manually tracking the path of many signals in a time projection (kymograph) using a polyline/segmented line ROI. I keep track of all of these in the ROI manager and have “Show All” selected to ensure I dont analyse the same track twice.

When I add a new segmented line ROI on a path which crosses an existing one, very often I end up click-dragging the existing ROI rather than adding to the existing path.

Is there currently a way to restrict ROI-dragging ability either turning it off or locking it behind something like Shift+Drag?

Many thanks for anyone who can give information.

Why not use ROI’s “flatten”?
Try it out on a test image.

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Upgrade to the latest ImageJ daily build (1.53h61) and line selections will no longer be activated by double clicks with the segmented and freehand line tools.

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Thanks Wayne that’s great! Works just as I had hoped.

@Mathew thanks for your help. That would have been a good solution, but Wayne’s update has removed the problem! :grinning:

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