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Hi everyone, this might be very simple but I’m confused. I have a composite of three channels, with 150 slices in z axis. What I need is to remove the last 35 slices, but I’m not sure how. I’d like to keep it as a composite, not a projection. I’d like to see a volume reconstruction of my composite on Imaris, which I regularly I don’t use. Normally, for this I would use NIS elements viewer since our confocal is a Nikon, but this time my images were taken in a Leica confocal microscope as a favor (and I don’t have LAS X).
Since I’m not familiar with Imaris, I thought I could edit the composite using FIJI…but I got lost lol.
Anybody knows how, please? I’m pretty sure this is simple, but I don’t get it
Thanks in advance

Hi @Anita!

Perhaps the easiest way to perform that is by duplicating the stack, but setting a range smaller than the whole set:


In this example, I could duplicate only the range 1-14 for all three channels.


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Thank you so much! it worked perfectly :grinning:

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