Edge detection side

Dear all,

When use Morph edge detection function, sometime it will check the side I am not interested. And I have tried " reverse axis", but it not seemed not work. Do you know how to figure it out?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi lei_li,

To me it is not immediately clear what went wrong.

It helps to turn on the visualization of the coordinate system axis. To do that just press “A” in the main window.
The “Edge Detection” process will always look for edges coming down from the z-axis, so you can already visually verify whether your sample is facing the right way before running the edge detection.

Another thing to pay attention to is to use the right stack. From your screenshot it looks like that’s the one in white color. Now when you reverse the axis, the main stack will not change, but instead overwrite the work stack with the reversed-axis-stack. By default the “Work” checkbox should then be checked, so that this stack is used when you run the edge detection. Maybe you unchecked the “Work” checkbox here and run edge detection on the main stack?


Hi soeren,

Thanks for your reply. It is totally right, I just realised that I not checked the z-axis before turn “work” to “main”. :rofl: