EDF vs Extended depth of field



Hello everyone,

I am new to ImageJ.

There are two plugins EDF and Extended Depth of Field . What is the difference between them?



As far as I can tell… there is only the single, Extended Depth of Field plugin. It lives here on the ImageJ wiki - but refers to the previous link at the Biomedical Imaging Group at EPFL. You can always look into the code on github found here to find out more details regarding implementation.

Did you find another link that refers to a different plugin?



Hi thanks for the reply. The code for extended depth of field is in Java. Is the code available in c/c++ or matlab?



Glad this was helpful. I’m not sure about that… at least this specific plugin is written in java. Whether or not there are other tools written in c/c++ or matlab - good 'ol google would be the place to start that quest… :wink: I’m unaware myself.