Eclipse ImageJ plugin update released



I released a new version of the ImageJ plugin which comes bundled with a feature complete ImageJ macro editor and Eclipse ImageJ interface. This new version comes with an improved dark theme interface and some new actions.

Screenshot (Windows, Eclipse Darkest Dark Theme)

Screenshot Code Completion (Windows, Eclipse Darkest Dark Theme)

Release notes:

  • Updated to ImageJ 1.52h (1.52h5)
  • Added a new rename action (rename all words like the current selection - multiple cursor)
  • Improved dark theme with popular Eclipse darkest dark theme and default dark theme (for the night workers)
  • Editor colors are automatically switched when using the dark theme (or darkest dark theme)
  • ImageJ toolbar improved for the dark theme
  • Added a new ImageJ detach image menu in the ‘Window’ menu of the ImageJ-Canvas view
  • Added all new ImageJ macro API functions to the code completion of the macro editor
  • Improved the ImageJ MacOSX touchpad resizing of the ImageJ panel
  • Improved the default font size for Swing components on Retina displays (e.g., ImageJ components - can be changed in the preferences)
  • Added some new macro source actions (Block Selection, Find And Replace, etc. - submenu Text ) to the macro editor


To install the plugin the latest Eclipse Java version 4.8 (Photon) is required (also works on 4.7). Open the Help->Install new Software dialog and add the following update site:

The plugin is also availabe from the Eclipse Marketplace Client:

Help->Eclipse Marketplace… (search for ImageJ)

MacOSX Eclipse Fontsize Correction

To fix the default font size on Eclipse (a matter of taste) I wrote a short summary on the Github page how to fix the font size (see - bottom page).



The plugin source and more information can be found on Github: