Eclipse ImageJ Plugin Update Released (based on ImageJ 1.52m28)



I released a new version of the ImageJ plugin which comes bundled with a feature complete ImageJ macro editor and an embedded Eclipse ImageJ interface.

Screenshot (Windows, Eclipse Darkest Dark Theme)

Screenshot Code Completion (Windows, Eclipse Darkest Dark Theme)

Release notes:
New in 1.52m (1.52m12)

  • Updated ImageJ version 1.52m (1.52m12)
  • Improved the ImageJ canvas (Plot canvas and Image canvas are now opened as intended)
  • The ImageJ canvas replace method now works as intended (see, e.g., IJ_webcam capture plugin)
  • Improved plot canvas (zooming, actions, etc. are now working as intended)
  • Plot action buttons are now added below each plot (see screenshot below)

  • Added new actions (in the plugins menu) to interpret the current opened Eclipse editor sources (BeanShell, JavaScript, Jython and ImageJ macro) using the ImageJ interpreters (using, e.g., PyDev for Jython).
  • Added a new Java compile action (in the plugins menu) to compile the current opened Eclipse editor source (see screenshot below). To compile dynamically with ImageJ please use or adjust the ImageJ plugins path in the Eclipse preferences.


  • MouseWheel actions are now working as intended (use STRG+MouseWheel to zoom!)
  • Improved stability for drag and drop actions of multiple image files
  • Improved stability for MacOSX
  • Reorganized Eclipse plugins and features
  • ImageJ2 can now be optionally installed and is not bundled by default (now optional dependent of ImageJ). Customization is possible (plugin can be populated with maven command in Eclipse)
  • Added the latest ImageJ macro function templates
  • JavaFX (embed Swing in JavaFX and SWT panel) can now be optionally installed (but is not necessary by default)
  • Removed the outdated Albireo plugin dependency
  • Added key listeners for the tab when all images are closed (ImageJ keys!)
  • Improved the ImageJ macro hoover (workaround for SWT_AWT)
  • Added a workaround for repaint issues in MacOSX when switching perspectives with SWT_AWT
  • Added a workaround for MacOSX to receive key events again after focus lost (sometimes you need to press the mouse two times when the perspectives have been switched)
  • Fixed several rare occuring deadlock events on MacOSX


It might be necessary to uninstall old plugin versions first!

To install the plugin the latest OpenJDK 11 is required and an installation of Eclipse 4.10 or 4.9.

The plugin is availabe from the Eclipse Marketplace Client:

As an alternative open the Help->Install new Software dialog and add the following update site:

MacOSX Eclipse Fontsize Correction

To fix the default font size on Eclipse (a matter of taste) I wrote a short summary on the Github page how to fix the font size (see - bottom page).

The plugin source and more information can be found on Github:


When I try to install this from the marketplace on Win10 I get:



I just tested it again without any problem.

Please not that you have to use Eclipse 4.10 (4.9) and OpenJDK 11.

If you have already installed an old version uninstall it before you install the new version.

In other cases try this Eclipse recipes (Proxy, Firewall, etc):


I use: 4.11.0 M2 and I think Oracles Java. This will not work then?



You need OpenJDK >=9 (I have only tested it with OpenJDK 11.02) else it will not work due to bytecode compat.
Oracle JDK 11 should work, too but I will only use OpenJDK’s in the future due to the new license of the Oracle JDK.

Downloads, e.g.:


Here is a new update which fixes an annoying behaviour on Ubuntu 18.10 (lost key events in Eclipse editors):

Release Notes:

New in 1.52m (1.52m20):

  • Updated ImageJ version 1.52m (1.52m20)
  • Added new macro function definitions
  • Zoom factor is now displayed in the image tabs
  • Workaround a SWT key focus loss with ImageJ on Linux (occurred on Ubuntu 18.10)
  • Fixed an exception when adding an image to a stack (action “Add Slice”) of size 1
  • Detached tab images are now closed, too when using the “File->Close All” view menu action

If you have already installed the previous version just invoke the Eclipse main menu action “Help->Check for Updates” to update the plugin.


A new update is available which improves the plot display inside of tabs and adds new features and corrections.

The ImageJ plots (see ImageJ macro examples) are now scaled dynamically when a tab is resized.
If you reset the plot it is drawn according to the default plot size regardless of the tab dimensions (this behaviour follows the default ImageJ GUI window behaviour).

In addition fullscreen (F2) for plots is now supported and detached tabs are supported, too (both actions scales the plot accordingly when selected).
Furthermore a rare exception on MacOSX was fixed (closing detached free floating tabs).

New features:

  • Updated ImageJ plugin to version 1.52m28
  • Implemented dynamic plot scaling when the image tabsize changes
  • Reset Plot action scales plot to default values (context menu “Plot Size”)
  • Plot fullscreen scaling support
  • Detached tab plot scaling support
  • Now tabs are visible selected when a window or image is selected programmatically (before the selection occured, too but invisible for speed reasons)
  • Implemented the Window components menu to make hidden components visible again (ROI Manager, Threshold, etc. - apparently works on MacOSX and Windows only)
  • Implemented Refresh Menus (if you create and compile a new plugin in the plugins folder with Eclipse (dynamically without restart) you can refresh the menu to update the plugins menu dynamically without a restart!)
  • Implemented the Help->Examples->Autorun Examples checkbox menu (true or false)
  • Restored the modal dialogs on Windows
  • Added latest macro API templates

If you have already installed the previous version just invoke the Eclipse main menu action “Help->Check for Updates” to update the plugin.

I also updated the MacOSX information how to improve the Eclipse fonts here: (scroll down)

In addition consider to use the Tinker tool for MacOSX which can increase the system font to increase, e.g., the font for code completion and the package Explorer (14 pt. on Retina displays looks nice):