Eclipse ImageJ Plugin Update Available

A new version of the Eclipse ImageJ plugin is available. The Eclipse plugin is a complete ImageJ distribution for Eclipse in a tabbed SWT interface which also offers an advanced ImageJ Macro editor (debugging GUI, display of parsing errors, code completion, etc.). The execution of scripting languages from available Eclipse editors (e.g., Jython PyDEV) is supported, too.

New in 1.53j (1.53.j7):

  • Updated ImageJ plugin to version 1.53j7
  • Improved the “Zoom to Selection” and Zoom “To” action for the embedded canvas in a tab
  • Improved the image close method (for the “Arrange Channels” action and some other plugins)
  • Improved the “Stack to Images” action now running in a job to avoid blocking UI threads
  • Simplified the “Images to Stack” action to run correctly in macros
  • Added a timelag for plot windows to avoid blocking threads on MacOSX
  • Added the latest macro templates


To install the plugin the latest Java >=8 is required (only if installed in Eclipse) and an installation of Eclipse or Bio7 3.2 (which is already bundled with OpenJDK 14).

The plugin can be installed from the Eclipse Marketplace:

Eclipse Plugins, Bundles and Products - Eclipse Marketplace

ImageJ Plugin

This plugin integrates the scientific image application ImageJ in an Eclipse view and is also part of the Bio7 application ( ImageJ is an open source image processing program designed for the analysis of scientific multidimensional…

As an alternative (and update for Bio7 3.2) open the Help->Install new Software dialog and add the following update site (see screenshot below):

Then install the following features (see screenshot below):

Please note: To scale the Swing parts correctly with SWT on Windows and Linux add the following vm argument to Eclipse, e.g.,:

-Dsun.java2d.uiScale=1.0 (or for HighDPI: 2.0)

This will also set the ImageJ SWT context menus location correctly.

For further UI Improvements on MacOSX , see: GitHub - Bio7/EclipseImageJ1Plugin: A repository for an Eclipse ImageJ1 plugin contributed from the Bio7 project.

Note for Bio7 3.2:

When installing the update for Bio7 3.2 don’t forget to recalculate the JDT Project Classpath for Java Projects (Context Menu ‘Project Explorer’ → Fix Project Classpath) for the updated ImageJ plugin location.

For older releases screenshot and animations, see: