Eclipse ImageJ Plugin Update Available (1.53.d7)

A new update of the Eclipse ImageJ plugin is available.

New in 1.53.d (1.53.d7):

  • Updated ImageJ plugin to version 1.53.d7
  • Added new default macro editor templates
  • Added Java 14 compiler support
  • Fixed some minor glitches


To install the plugin the latest Java >=8 is required (only if installed in Eclipse) and an installation of Eclipse or Bio7 3.1 (which is already bundled with OpenJDK 13.0.2).

The plugin can be installed from the Eclipse Marketplace:

As an alternative (and update for Bio7 3.1) open the Help->Install new Software dialog and add the following update site (see screenshot below):

Then install the following features (see screenshot below):

Note for Bio7 3.1:

When installing the update for Bio7 3.1 don’t forget to recalculate the JDT Project Classpath for Java Projects (Context Menu ‘Project Explorer’ -> Fix Project Classpath) for the updated ImageJ plugin location.