Duplicate Plugin Deleted


I have made two utility classes for reading EXIF data. They both have the same class name, but are in different folders. When I compile into a jar, the compiler does not complain about these classes being named the same. When i try to run the plugin through imagej, I get a warning message in the log “Deleting duplicate plugin: …” (I have omitted the class filepath). ImageJ is deleting the class that the plugin depends on and uses the other instead (which gives incorrect results). Is it possible to tell ImageJ not to delete “duplicate” class files?

What you want is not possible.

Is there some reason you cannot simply use two different class names? Note that by “class name” I mean fully qualified class name including the package. So you can have, for example, my.awesome.Plugin and my.slick.Plugin and that is fine—both classes are named Plugin but because they have different packages, they actually have different fully qualified names.

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