Duplicate annotation

working in QuPath 0.2.3

I have some whole slide images that have multiple identical sections. Is there a way to duplicate the annotation and move it the other sections.
I have tried the duplicate annotation in the menu, and it did duplicate the annotation, but when I moved the copy to the other section, it disappeared. Transfer annotation also did not work within the same slide or even to other slides.

Did I miss anything?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Have you looked at QuPath- Multiple Image Alignment and Object Transfer
You will likely have to adapt the scripts, but I don’t think there is anything built in specifically for that.

Shift+E usually works if you want to transfer the last selected annotation to the new slide, but not always.

I will give it a try again [QuPath- Multiple Image Alignment and Object Transfer].
yes, Shift+E did not work for me.