Dual Cam queries

Hi all,

I have a few queries on the dual cam configuration setup, and it would be much appreciated if anyone can point me in the right direction. i am using µManager 2.0.0 gamma 20200512 with dual prime BSI express camera.

  1. How do I overlay both live images on µManager?

  2. On one of the camera, I am using “Image Flipper” plugin to flip the image. However, I have noticed the computer is slowing down when I am using the “Image Flipper” plugin and on live mode at the same time. It will hang for a few seconds when I want to change any settings. Therefore is there any solution in flipping the image on µManage live mode without slowing down the PC?

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How do I overlay both live images on µManager?

If you already have the MultiCamera device configured (there is a section in here how to do this: http://www.jbmethods.org/jbm/article/view/36/29), then snapping an image (or going live) will give you the overlay. If it shows as a single channel, use the Color mode dropdown near the top of the Inspector window to change from Grayscale to Composite.

As for slowness when changing settings: does this depend on using the Image Flipper plugin? What setting are you changing, and what part of the user interface do you use to do so?

Often changing settings will cause Micro-Manager to query the state of all attached devices, which can take a long time (depending on the equipment). At the very least, live mode will be stopped and restarted (see github issue: https://github.com/micro-manager/micro-manager/issues/537). However, that is unrelated to the Image Flipper plugin.