Drosophila courtship analysis



I need to do quantitative analysis of drosophila courtship behavior. Is there any Fiji/ImgaeJ based plugin or macro one can use for this. the videos are of around 10 minutes long and are around 1 GB of size. this is basically one fly following the other in an arena, and we need to find out how long out of 10 minutes the male fly is courting.

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Not knowing more details about your video (you left no screenshot or a detailed description of the setup) I would guess that a tracker might identify the courting in the flying pattern, see TrackMate from @tinevez:

You find a lot of post of TrackMate in this forum already:



I have uploaded the screenshot.The other problem is, I am unable to open these videos in ImageJ/Fiji and the message I am getting is . the files are in avi format only.


Here you find some links to import video files from different formats in ImageJ:

The cause of your error is a wrong format which ImageJ can’t read so you have to convert your file.