DropSnake Method for contact angle measurement of droplet


I am new to ImageJ, but would like to perform a contact angle measurement of droplets on several surfaces. I found that ImageJ with the plugin drop_analysis can do this with either the so-called LB-ADSA or the DropSnake method. As my samples are not completely leveled, I think the DropSnake method will work best. I have downloaded both ImageJ and the plugin from this page: http://bigwww.epfl.ch/demo/dropanalysis/#soft and I am following this manual: http://mmrc.caltech.edu/Gniometeer/drop_analysis/drop_analysis.pdf I try to follow the steps in this manual but do not success completely. When I follow the steps as in “Typical Utilization” for DropSnake, as described on page 2, I am unable to attain the optimal red line/dots around the droplet (as they do in this video: https://vimeo.com/12449610). It is like the buttons are unable to be pressed down. Does anyone know they reason for this? I would really appreciate any help!!

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As I have not used this plugin myself - I invited the authors, Aurélien Stalder and Daniel Sage(@daniel.sage) , to join this thread. Let’s see if they respond or anyone else on the forum who may have more experience with this particular tool.


Hi, did you have a look on the warning at: http://bigwww.epfl.ch/demo/dropanalysis/#soft

Warning: Some users have encountered incompatibility with ImageJ versions higher than 1.47. In case of troubles, we recommend to use the ImageJ version 1.46 including Java. This version ij147-jdk6-64bit-setup.exe or ij147-jdk6-setup.exe is available at: http://imagej.nih.gov/ij/download/



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Thank you so much @etadobson and @daniel.sage, this helped!

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hello @daniel.sage. I’ve downloaded and installed ij147-jdk6-setup and had the drop_analysis folder in the plugins folder. I can access the tool but I cannot attain the optimal red line/dots as @tonehm mentioned to be her problem too.

also when I press the “snake sequence” a window pops prompting me to enter the last slice#