Droplet Surface area via volume and image, How!?



Hello there,

I am brand new to ImageJ. I was recommended to this tool by a supplier. I am running a spinning drop tensiometer (that measures interfacial tension). I am weak with my derivatives and calculus skills, and am looking to calculate the surface area of a cylindrical drop (surrounded by another liquid). I have the IFT value, and drop volume, as well as an image of the drop.

Does anyone have a clue on where to go from here?

Thank you SO much in advance,




Hello Megan,

This post would be a good start for getting started with ImageJ:

Is this a reasonable representation of what you’ll be doing?

Once you would extract the length & height (which is equal to width l reckon) of the droplet, you could calculate the surface area of the ellipsoid.


This is absolutely what I am doing. Thank you Danielle!