Drop e-mails from ImgLib2 @author tags?

In the context of a recent imglib2-algorithm pull request, @ctrueden and I were discussing in the imglib2 gitter chat wether or not e-mail addresses should be added to @author tags in ImgLib2 source code. @ctrueden noted that including e-mails encourages private e-mails and is prone to obsolescence.

For ImgLib2 core (algorithm), the current state seems to be that out of 680 (169) @author tags, 185 (61) contain an e-mail address, out of which 4 (11) use &lt; and &gt; as identifiers for the e-mails. When these identifiers are not used, parentheses are used in core, <> are used in algorithm.

# imglib2
$ grep -rnH --include '*.java' '@author' imglib2/src | wc -l
$ grep -rnH --include '*.java' '@author' imglib2/src | sed 's/@author//' | grep '@' | wc -l           
$ grep -rnH --include '*.java' '@author' imglib2/src | sed 's/@author//' | grep '@' | grep '&lt' | wc -l

$ grep -rnH --include '*.java' '@author' imglib2-algorithm-master/src | sed 's/@author//' | wc -l                        
$ grep -rnH --include '*.java' '@author' imglib2-algorithm-master/src | sed 's/@author//' | grep '@' | wc -l         
$ grep -rnH --include '*.java' '@author' imglib2-algorithm-master/src | sed 's/@author//' | grep '@' | grep '&lt' | wc -l

@tpietzsch @axtimwalde @StephanPreibisch (lead developers according to pom.xml and author tag counts below), please comment on this.

$ grep -rnH --include '*.java' '@author' imglib2/src | sed -r 's/.*@author ([A-Za-z-]+) ([A-Za-z-]+).*/\1 \2/' | sort -V | uniq -c | sort -nr
    221 Stephan Saalfeld
    152 Stephan Preibisch
    141 Tobias Pietzsch
     32 Christian Dietz
     28 Curtis Rueden
     20 Michael Zinsmaier
     20 Martin Horn
     12 Philipp Hanslovsky
     11 Barry DeZonia
      9 Albert Cardona
      7 Mark Hiner
      7 Lee Kamentsky
      7 Johannes Schindelin
      4 Aivar Grislis
      3 Grant Harris
      2 Melissa Linkert
      2 Jonathan Hale
      2 Jan Funke

edit 1: In this context, it also makes sense to refer to @ctrueden’s explanation of the differences in style and license management.


The <> are problematic for java8’s javadoc. So when algorithm is moved to java8 they should be replaced by &lt; &gt; or parantheses.

Regarding emails or not, I really have no strong opinion…

Is there anyone who prefers that they are included? If not, I would be happy to do a blanket removal of all email addresses. The email address is accessible from the (intended) permalink URLs listed in the POMs—as well as from all the Git commits.

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I have nothing against removing email addresses. (But I also have to admit that this seems like a waste of time to me.)

OK, I did it:

Yeah, I feel you there. But at least it was only a couple of sed commands. And you know I am a slave to consistency!


Great, consistency is also nice for pull requests.

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