Drive space usage OMERO

I have about 200 Projects in OMERO each with 2 to 4 Datasets.
Is there a way of knowing the drive space usage for each Dataset / Project I have ? Either from OMERO web or insight.

This information will help me doing some “cleaning” of my datasets.
I also need to retrieve multiple datasets from OMERO so this info will help organising where and how to store them while I process them.

Thank you

There isn’t currently a way via Web or Insight. The CLI’s omero fs usage reports a total for the given container and, for instance, something like,

omero login
omero hql --style plain "SELECT id FROM Dataset" | cut -f 2 -d ,

should yield a list of IDs to loop over.

This CLI disk usage command simply uses Blitz’s DiskUsage2 and one could upload a script that uses that and reads and writes map annotations to annotate each container with its current space usage. It would require a bit of script-writing but this would be a great introductory project that shows one of the many ways in which one can enhance one’s OMERO installation.

Note that the ability to link the same image into multiple datasets, or the same dataset into multiple projects, could cause some “double counting”, where deleting only the last reclaims the space. Further, data imported in-place is counted as if they were simply uploaded in full.


Thank you for the feedback,

Sadly I don’t have the skills to create a script for this.
But it will be nice if at some point one exists.

Thanks a lot

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