Drawing regions around adherent cells


I am new to using Cell Profiler and I find that it has a lot of potential for use in my analysis. However, I’m having some trouble getting through the basics. I want to draw a region around individual adherent cells(all the modules I’ve looked up so far ask fro range of diameter and this ends up giving not so accurate results for adherent cells) and get information about each of them, eg. area, intensity, perimeter etc. Is there a special module/pipeline I can use for the same? I’m attaching an image from my data to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.



Hi Rukmani,

It is not so much the size range that is the problem, so much as Brightfield. If at all possible, try any sort of fluorescent marker. Please see this FAQ on Brightfield images:

Try these suggestions, then let us know how it went and if we can help further.