Drag'n'drop from web-browser does not work

It used to be possible to drag and drop images from the web-browser into the Fiji toolbar. That does not work any more without Fiji generating any sort of output, it simply ignores it. Try this

The image opens fine when using File > Import > URL... but that’s a lot more move-mouse-hit-menu activity than what I like. Dragging images into Fiji was cool! Any ideas where to start debugging this?

This behavior seems to be browser-specific:

  • With Firefox on Windows 7, I can drag the image out of this forum and get an open window twfe1e8d.bmp.
  • With Internet Explorer on Windows 7, I get an error dialog “Drag and drop failed”
  • With Firefox on Mac OSX 10.10, I get 97d2657fc8dd2509e32ee6239d484bc9aa26fff8_1_500x500.JPG

For the legacy UI, start here:

Or maybe here:

For the AWT and Swing UIs, start here:

Either way, use remote debugging to attach to your Fiji installation from Eclipse, set a breakpoint in the relevant place as linked above, then step through to find out what is happening. Be sure you launch the remote debugging session using the same component where you placed the breakpoint.