Drag and dropping SVS files

Digging out this issue as I experience the same.

  • What does not work: drag & drop a .svs file while having the correct Bio-Formats configuration (see snapshot)

  • What does work: Plugins > Bio-Formats > Bio-Formats Importer > Pick your .svs

Maybe it’s more a general issue with Bio-Formats and some formats, so have you experienced the same with .svs or other formats?

Would be nice to report this to Bio-Formats’ team all pulled together…

I think it’s related to this: Opening OME-TIFF with drag & drop in ImageJ/Fiji

I believe the underlying issue is that if ImageJ discerns that the file is a TIFF of some kind, Bio-Formats isn’t given a chance to open it (unless SCIFIO is turned on in Fiji, but this can have other unwanted effects).

@Wayne would it be possible to modify the Opener code to allow openWithHandleExtraFileTypes to be called if the default TIFF reader does not succeed?


Thanks to @petebankhead, the latest ImageJ daily build (1.52u36) opens dragged and dropped .svs files using the Bio-Formats plugin.


I think this helps a lot, thank you @Wayne!

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Wow, thanks a lot @petebankhead and @Wayne, that was fast!!

Thanks a lot also @ctrueden for moving this topic to a new one, I realized it was not the best to answer an old thread. Also, I missed the one from Pete…


Confirming now that it works!!