Drag and Drop - Windows 7 x64 - User Permissions

I am trying to deploy Fiji to a number of student computers but have the issue that the Drag and Drop feature will only work as a local Administyrator account. Our user community dows not login as local admins and thus they cannot use the drag and drop feature. This appears to be a show stopper for some users.

I have tried applying Everyone - Full Control - Folder, Subfolder and Files, but the problem persists for all users except local admin.

Are there any other files outside of the Fiji.app folder that would require elevaated permissions in order to make this function work?

I am using the packaged default java that comes with Fiji.

Any ideas or suggestions welcome. Or any further questions to me to clarify the scenario.

Computers are domain joined. Profiles are managed by AppSense.

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There should be no elevated permissions required to use any Fiji functionality.

Note that it is recommended to install Fiji/ImageJ in a folder other than C:\Program Files\, as Windows 7 and 10 will deny ImageJ write permission to its own directory structure, preventing it from being able to update (see also here).

Just to be sure we’re on the same page: you are talking about dragging image files to the ImageJ toolbar, right?
(There are a few other places where drag-and-drop is supported, e.g. in some plugins using Fiji’s GenericDialogPlus class.)

apologies for late response as I have been on annual leave from work for 2 weeks.

To confirm, I am installing Fiji to its own folder - C:\Fiji_151n
I am applying Everyone full permissions to this folder.

The drag and drop feature is when dragging image files to the task bar. I see the ‘no entry’ sign instaed of the text in the task bar and cannot drop image files.

However, when I login as a local Administrator instead of a Domain account the function works. There must be some Group Policy stopping this functionality but I am unclear what may be stopping it working.

Ah, so you’re dragging to the Windows taskbar? I never used that feature actually, and it doesn’t seem to work for me, as it only allows me to “pin” a given file to the application icon :worried:

I can recommend dragging to the ImageJ main window (i.e. the ImageJ toolbar) instead, it works on any platform.

Nevertheless, dragging to the Windows taskbar as well as associating file types with ImageJ to open them by double-clicking should both be possible, so I guess this is a bug.

There were similar reports in the past, and it might also be related to the single-instance listener option:

Hi ImageJan,

thanks for replying. Sorry I have been unclear… again. I am dragging to the ImageJ ToolBar (not Windows Taskbar).