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I have downloaded Java 4.0; however, the cell profiler software doesn’t seem to recognize it and keeps asking me to download Java; can anyone please advise. thanks


Which OS are you using? If you’re using either Windows or OS X, you would need more recent versions for both Java Runtime JRE and developer kit JDK, which should be 8.0+.

Use the links at the top of

Minh, appreciate if you can send me the link
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You would need both, and please choose 32/64-bit versions according to your system.


Hi Minh,

Maybe you can help me as well.
I have a problem to download the latest release from “” as suggested in the forum and on github. I would like 3.0.0rc1 as a binary. I always download "CellProfiler-nightly.exe"
The provided download link is “”, but if I installed it, it says “Cellprofiler 2.4.0rc1 (rev 29342ff)” and all installed cellprofiler files have a time stamp < 3rd May 2016.

Do I miss something? How can get the real latest nightly release?

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@TorCK currently, you will need to run CellProfiler from source to use the nightly. Please follow these instructions on github for mac, linux, or windows.

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@karhohs: Thank you much! Torsten