Downloading QuPath release

I’m experiencing time-outs when trying to download the Windows version of the latest #qupath release from here:

Is anyone else experiencing issues and/or slowness? @petebankhead is there an alternative download location?

It seems to have been an intermittent issue. Downloading now works again as expected.

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I also have experienced consistently very low download speeds for QuPath releases the last months. Unable to download with browser (failed), currently doing repeated wget -c until it finally completes download.

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Thanks @cfmoro and sorry @imagejan, I completely missed this first time around.

No alternative download location, I’m afraid. Not completely certain it will tells anything useful, but it looks like the current GitHub status is at

(I don’t really recommend it in general, but building QuPath shouldn’t be too terrible an experience - so assuming you’ve been able to clone the repository, you could use git to switch to the tag for any release, and build it with these instructions: )