Downloading plugin (Cell Counter) for MacOS

Mac laptop won’t let me download JAVA files as plugins to Image J. Specifically, the most up to date Cell Counter Jar file is from 2014 and won’t correspond to the Mac software. Is there an updated plugin for Mac or another way around this?

If you could share the link to the version of Cell Counter you’re trying to use, and the specific error messages or results you get, it would be helpful for troubleshooting.

However, you might not need the plugin. Most features of the Cell Counter plugin are built into ImageJ as the Multi-Point tool.

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Thanks for the quick reply!
I was attempting to use the following link from NIH with no luck.

However, I have managed to get it to work by downloading Fiji, the processing package for Image J.
For anyone else running into a similar problem with MacOS, here is the link for the version of Image J I needed to access all plugins;

Thanks again!

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