Downloading idr0067 via Aspera requires a password

Hi everyone,

I’ve been able to download a couple of datasets. However, I noticed that the idr0067 dataset requires a password to download via Aspera cli.

Is this specific to this dataset? Or perhaps, is this an error?

Appreciate any help!


Hi @Stan and welcome to the forum,

I can reproduce your issue trying to access idr0067 via Aspera Desktop Client. As for any study published in IDR, this is not the expectation. We will get in touch with the relevant people at EMBL-EBI and update this thread as soon as the access is restored.


Hi @Stan, the issue should now be fixed and the raw data for idr0067 should be downloadable without password via Aspera.

Thank you @s.besson! I notice there is a similar problem for idr0069. Would be great if you could confirm that idr0069 also requires a password.

Hi @Stan password-less Aspera access to the raw data of idr0069 should now be fixed.