Downloaded Fiji, there's no fiji.exe file

Hi, I am trying to install fiji on my desktop, a 32-bit Windows 7. After unzipping, there’s only a imagej.exe file, not fiji.exe. Is there a way to solve this? I already have regular imageJ on my computer, if there’s a way to upgrade that to Fiji, I could try that as well. FYI I have a 4GB RAM.

Just run the ImageJ-win32.exe. It will launch ImageJ including all the Fiji plugins. And the title bar and status bar should report “Fiji (Is Just ImageJ)”.

If you really, really want the fiji-win32.exe (the only difference is the splash screen), you can install it:

  • Run Help :arrow_right: Update…
  • Click “Advanced mode”
  • Change the View filter to “All files”
  • Type “fiji-win” into the search box
  • Right-click the fiji-win32.exe and choose “Install it”
  • Click “Apply” button to download and install it

Hi ctrueden,
That’s not what I see. Let me tell you exactly what happens.
When I download the 32-bit Fiji, it creates a folder called ‘’., which I then extract. It makes a folder, in which there is a ImageJ-win32.exe file. Clicking on the exe file shows me a screen with ‘the publisher could not be verified’. If I hit ‘run’ anyways, the blue Fiji logo flashes once, and then nothing else happens. Am I doing something wrong? Please help.

Nope, it is supposed to work.

As a litmus test, I just downloaded the latest on a 32-bit Windows XP system of mine, unpacked it, and ran ImageJ-win32.exe and all started up fine. So I do not think the application is corrupt.

You can troubleshoot by making a copy of ImageJ-win32.exe called debug.exe and launching that from a Command Prompt. The program will emit a lot of output at the beginning explaining what is happening. Perhaps something there will give a clue about why the startup does not complete successfully.

Hi Curtis,
This is what it looks like.

How can I solve this?
By the way I have Java 6, could that be the problem?