Downloaded Fiji, and can't open the exe., says "could not find ij.jar"

I have been trying to download Fiji, but when i try and run the .exe file from the unzipped folder I get the message:
“could not find ij.jar in …\”

I have seen that a couple of others have had the same issue from reading the forum here, but I’ve found no solution. The ij.jar file (named “ij-1.52n.jar”) is definitely there, in the unzipped “jars” folder within “”, where ImageJ seems to be looking for the file).

I seem to have tried everything: re-downloaded and unzipped the files countless times, and with every available version (including Life-Line versions) to no avail. Every time, I get the same error message.

Could anyone help with a possible solution to this?

Many thanks in advance