Download Response: 403 Forbidden

I’m getting a 403 Forbidden response when attempting to download
Same thing happens when I request from public services for testing HTTP requests.
Anyone else have issues?

Yes, I can confirm that there currently is a problem with the download link. @ctrueden any comments?

As a workaround in the meantime, you can try downloading and installing a life-line version from and update this installation using Help > Update….

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I fixed this yesterday. (Or maybe Monday? I am at a hackathon right now and my sense of time is very diminished :wink:). Back in Madison, our student sysadmin was migrating domains from our old web server to the new one; when migrated, this problem happened due to a broken symlink. I did a quick hacky fix to get the links working again, but they may become slightly out of date until the Jenkins job which keeps those downloads up-to-date is adjusted to point to the new web server.

Let us know ASAP if the problem recurs.