Double click on image doesnt open file in FIJI

I just updated to El Capitan OSX, and did a full update of Java and FIJI. I have my OS set such that FIJI is the default program for any “.tiff” file. Prior to the update, when I would double click on a file, it would open in FIJI. Now, every time I do this, it opens another FIJI but not the file. Any suggestions?

This might be related to the issue that prevents opening files by dragging them to the Fiji dock icon.

Running Fiji with a different Java version might help.

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I’m having the same issue, but on macOS Sierra. Any luck solving this? FIJI used to work fine with Sierra; not sure what the best remedy is.

Dear @nate,

you can find additional information in the following thread:

The gist is that macOS specific features (e.g. drag&drop on the dock) were historically provided by libraries bundled with the Apple’s JRE. Since Apple has dropped that mode of operation, these functionalities are no longer available for more recent Java versions. There is, however, a chance that they get picked up with Java 9 again.



Crossing my fingers…

Thanks, Stefan!

I don’t know if this is relevant, but I’ve started to have the same problem when I updated Fiji after a loooooooong time. I updated Java the day after and it didn’t change anything. So in my case, the problem wouldn’t come from Java but from Fiji itself, but I got no idea of how and why though…
I’m working on El Capitan 10.11.6, and Java 8 update 141 build 15.


I have the same problem and can’t open files by drag/drop to Fiji. While after I re-download Fiji and it works with the new one.

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