Double Click doesn't work for ".cppipe" and ""cpproj" files




I have problem when double clicking saved or exported “.cppipe” and "“cpproj” files. When I double click, cellprofiler will open but the pipeline will not load. I then have to manually load it, but I would like it to load when I double click.

Any thoughts?

Error loading pipeline file

I should say that I am using Cellprofiler on Mac



Unfortunately this the way that you have to do which is unavoidable. Open the cellprofiler and drag your .cppipe or cpproj to CellProfiler GUI.



Thank you for your help!

Is there any way to open a pipeline through the terminal or through a bash file?


Just want to bump the follow up about opening a pipeline through terminal or bash file?



Yes, you can run CellProfiler from the command line- a (I’m afraid slightly outdated, but the only major thing that has changed is the discontinuation of the -b flag) guide is available on our wiki.