Dose response and batch processing




I started to use cell profiler recently aming to quantify cellular feautres such as mitochonderial function using fluorescence probes. I have two main pressing questions at the moment.

1- Dose response assay: I have a sequence of images (GFP) from 96-well plates that represents a dose response
increase in intesity. Q: how to load all these sequence of images at the cell profiler to be treated as aseqence.
2- batch processing: seprately i optimized a pipline that can segment nuclear ( primary)and cytoplasmic (secondary), how to command the cell profiler to run abatch of images using the same settings?





Make sure you are using LoadImages, and not LoadSingleImage- as long as you’re using LoadImages, asking CellProfiler to load all images with _w1 in the name, for example, will cycle through all 96 of your wavelength 1 images in sequence and apply the exact same settings to each image.

Does that help?