Does ImageJ support VTK file

Does ImageJ support VTK file ? I have Heart Atlas (VTK format) and another Heart data with Deformities (DICOM file). I want to do 3D registration for image Alignment. I don’t know how to do it. Please guide me.

@Sonali To my knowledge, VTK file formats are not supported. There is some limited support for the ITK formats MHA and MHD. Contributions along these lines (to the SCIFIO project) would be most welcome!

Eventually as a workaround you can try paraview:

And then save the file to an *x3d file which can be opened again with Blender and exported with Blender to an *.obj file for the import in the ImageJ 3D viewer:

Another option would be to use the 3D Object Converter which seems to support vtk files: