Does ImageJ have a feature to calculate Rf-Values and add bars for Rf-Values (for thin layer chromagography)?

I am new to imagej and not sure about the features and possibilities.

Does anyone know If and how this can be done?
A link to a tutorial/article or similar would be great as so far I could not find anything by myself - only instructions about densometric measurements - but none about the simple evaluation and labeling of TLC images

If you don’t know what I talk about - it is rather simple: TLC is a chromatographic technique were you separate samples by their interaction with a layer (solid phase, TLC plate) you spot them on and a solvent mixture (mobile phase) you let run “through” the samples to seperate. Based on the interaction your sample runs a distance a while the solvent runs a distance b.
The Rf value is simple a/b - so it is always smaller 1.

So what I want to do in imagej: create a bar/scale on the side of the picture of the TLC plate with the Rf-Values showing the distances between starting point (Rf=0) to solvent front (Rf=1).
Also I want to calculate Rf-Values for samples on the plate/picture - and know what the Rf-Value/position - based on the bar/scale of a specific sample is.

I found some articles about Gel analysis and densometric measurement for TLC - but none about the more basic evaluation of TLC - so as the more complicated evaluation of TLC is possible - i wonder why I could not find anything about the basics.

Does anyone know and can help me out?