Does 3D ROI manager enable operations between rois?

Hello @ThomasBoudier,

Thanks a lot for developing 3Dimage J suite pluging! I am trying to measure the average intensity of a labeled protein in the cytoplams vs nucleus. I have managed to label the nucleus and the whole cell in 3D, but now I would also like to have a ROI of whole cell-nucleus (cytoplasm). Is there a way to do this using the 3D ROI manager? (I know how to do it with the 2d manager, but i don´t find any option in 3D to do that)

Thanks a lot!

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I guess one option is to use the image calculator on Imgage J to do:
binary image whole cell labeled- binary image nucleus labeled and add the resulting image to the 3D ROI manager?

Hi @natalia_gm ,

Yes your solution is the simplest one I guess, just for information, in 3D Manager objects can be merged. That means they will be treated as one object instead of two (but will still be visualized as two, since the merging is done in memory).