Documentation for Plugin CSV-Table


I’m seeing great value in the CSV-Table export from ilastik. While many of the features are self-documented, I would like to know if I can get or am overlooking documentation on all of the exported features.

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Hi @MarkDane

I assume you are talking about object features?
I don’t think you have overseen anything. Right now there is no documentation of the features online. In ilastik (Object Classification) you can hover over the respective features in the feature selection dialog to get some information.
We should definitely document it (I have opened an issue about it on github)


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Thanks for the help. To be more specific, I’m interested in knowing definitions about the data that’s exported in the CSV-Table. For instance, I’d like to know the definitions of Object_Center_0 vs Center_of_the_object_0.

I don’t see a dialogue box that comes up when hovering so if we’re talking about the same features, I’d appreciate knowing where that happens.

thank you

I was looking for object features documentation in iLastik! This would be nice indeed. It was written somewhere that these features are taken from the Vigra library. Is it still true ? Anyway, I looked there ( and was unable to find some satisfying documentation as well.

Hey @MarkDane and @NicoKiaru,

thank you for following up.

There are docs in vigra but I agree, they are somewhat hard to find:

there is actually no dialog box, but a description area in the feature selection dialog that changes depending on which feature your mouse resides on:


I absolutely agree that this is confusing!

  • Object Center 0: x-axis component of the centroid of the object as returned by the convex hull features, seems to return an integer
  • Center of the Object 0: x-axis component of the average of the coordinates of this object, as returned by the region features. Seems to return a float

I’ll try to dig into the vigra code and find explanations for that.