Documentation for ImageJ Ridge detection plugin



Hello everyone!
I really like the work by @twagner on the Ridge Detection plugin. I have looked for more detailed documentation on this plugin but have not found anything. Am I overlooking something?
Thanks for your time!!
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Philip Doganis


Hi @Philip_Doganis,

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There is some documentation on the imageJ wiki:

You can also find a link to the source code on that page (if that’s what you’re interested in).
Is that what you had in mind?



thanks for the reply!
I was looking for something that would provide more details/references, I don’t think there is sth like that. I have found occasional comments in sections of there code on GitHub that provide a little more.
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Please refer to the original paper describing the methodology (I believe by Steiger, 20 years ago…) It is mentioned on Thorsten’s Ridge Detection page.