Do math on children objects with values from parent objects

Hi again,
As of right now in the “Calculate Math” Module you can theoretically do division using values from two different objects (ie divide Integrated Intensity of chromosomes by median intensity of nuclei), but it doesn’t work if the two different object classes have different numbers of members… it’d be nice to be able to, for example, divide/subtract the integrated intensity of each nuclear spot by the median intensity of the whole nucleus to correct for variability of staining, things like that (I know in that particular instance you could get around it with a background subtraction, but the idea still stands). Obviously it’d need to be downstream of Relate Objects to match up the correct parent/child relationship, but in theory wouldn’t it be possible?
As always, thanks!

Good suggestion. I’ve posted a request for this feature to be added in the future. We’ll repost here when it’s completed.

I’ve checked in a change to do this. If you’ve run RelateObjects, you’ll have a parent-child relationship. The children might or might not have parents - for children without parents, their measurements will be NaN. For parents with multiple children, the value uses the mean child value. For parents with no children, the value is NaN.