Dm4 import unknown correction value

Opening .dm4 files from a 3View, I usually get this error. This has been a problem for a few years and I’ve updated my Bioformats recently AFAIK.



Verifying Gatan format
Reading tags
Populating metadata
[WARN] Unknown Correction value ‘Unknown’ will be stored as “Other”
[WARN] Unknown Immersion value ‘Unknown’ will be stored as “Other”

Hi @mattrussell,

These are largely harmless logging messages rather than errors which indicate some of the original metadata fields cannot be mapped to the corresponding values in the OME metadata model.
Are the images correctly opened with their metadata otherwise


OK, thanks @s.besson - will processing and displaying these errors slow the handling of these files for eg a batch conversion?

The displaying of the errors should have a minimal impact on the overall processing of the files when batch converting.