DLC says extracted frames but they don't show up in the directory

I am using deeplabcut for the first time. I created a new project successfully but the config file gets saved in a different location than my video. When I try to extract frames I use the original config path and the command runs successfully. However, when I try to load the frames, they don’t appear to be saved in the labeled data folder created when I created the new project. When I run deeplabcut.label_frames(config_path), it gives me the following error:

RuntimeError                              Traceback (most recent call last)
~\Anaconda3\envs\dlc-windowsCPU\lib\site-packages\deeplabcut\generate_training_dataset\labeling_toolbox.py in browseDir(self, event)
    417             dlg.Destroy()
    418             self.Close(True)
--> 419         dlg.Destroy()
    421 # Enabling the zoom, pan and home buttons

RuntimeError: wrapped C/C++ object of type DirDialog has been deleted

I would like to know why the frames are not being saved and how do I label them. Thank you!

Hi Aditya, we’re glad to know you’ve started to use DeepLabCut!

What version are you using?
Have you moved the config.yaml file around between project creation and frame extraction?
Also, if you’d like to have the video file copied over to the project directory, make sure to pass copy_videos=True when creating a new project.

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