DLC Multianimal Walkthrough

In this walkthrough video at around 5:40, a video pops up of the labeled animals.

Where can I find this video? Is it in the same folder as all of these folders?

This is the video you get after calling deeplabcut.create_labeled_video; you’ll find it in the videos folder. These docs explain it well :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you. I’ve been trying to follow the walkthrough but for the refine trackless step, the walkthrough says I should use a _______filtered.h5 file

However, I cannot find this file when when I search in the created folder. I see that the file path is in test-videos, but that folder does not exist in my folder. How do I find the tracklet data? Thank you!

The folder test-videos is arbitrary, it need not be the default videos folder. You’ll only get the _filtered.h5 if you’ve analyzed your video with filtered=True. If you haven’t, pick the regular h5 data file :slight_smile: