Distributing several update sites

Instead of having one update site in which I would put all my macros whatever their use, I was thinking of having different update sites for the few different topics, just like the different GitHub repository associated. So that they would have more meaningful names.

Is that currently possible ? I had the feeling that it was 1 wiki account = 1 update site.


Using a single wiki account for multiple update sites is possible, and recommended to avoid cluttering the wiki account list.

Your wiki account can have write permissions to multiple update sites, but currently, you have to ask @ctrueden to give you write permissions and/or create a new update site for you.


Could someone please update this wiki page to reflect the current best practice of simply requesting an update site be created via the forum here?

It would also be helpful if that page could be looped in to the rest of the update site sections—either by deleting it and migrating its contents to the only place that links to it, or by integrating it with the update sites menu like the other update-site-related pages.

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I dont have the right to delete the Group Update site page but I copied its content to the Main update site wiki page.

I also add a subsection for multiple update sites with one wiki account.


Thank you @LThomas! I updated the Group update site section to reflect the current recommendation, which is to ask for a group site to be created. I also deleted the old “Group Update Sites” page.

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