Distributing an ImageJ script via an "update site"

Hi all,

I am new in scripting with ImageJ but I managed to write a nice script (.ijm), which is doing all the work for me. I want to share the newest version of this script with several people at our institute. Therefore I set up an update site (Molography - http://sites.imagej.net/VolkerGatterdam/). I also managed to upload the script and it is displayed when I use the “ImageJ Updater” with my personal “My site”. When I try to install the script on a different PC by adding the “Molography” repository to ImageJ I find nothing. I now played around quite some time but I can not find a solution for it. It looks like it is still not visible to other people. What am I doing wrong?
I hope somebody can help me with this problem.

Regards Volker

Somehow, your script got flagged as “Windows only” which caused it not to install by default on non-Windows platforms. I fixed that metadata on the server side. You also had two versions of the script simultaneously: one in plugins/Scripts/Molo_Cutter.ijm and another in plugins/Scripts/Image/Molo_Cutter.ijm. I flagged the former (older) one as obsolete, so now everyone should receive your script regardless of platform at Image :arrow_forward: Molo Cutter.

Thanks ctrueden,

at home on my Mac it seems to work now. I have no clue why there was this windows flag. The systems I tried were also Windows. Nevertheless, now it works.

Thanks a lot, Volker

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