Distinguish hemosiderin from positive red magenta chromogen signal

Hi All,

I’m in a middle of a project and I need your help, if possible,

I’m desperate to count nuclear immuno-histochemical positve cells using as a chromogen magenta red. I used this chromogen because the lungs I’m examining are full of hemosiderin (brown pigment).

Using positive cell counting ,both with hematoxylin OD or OD sum it count as positive both hemosiderin pigments and these cells. Playing with the images filter I understand why both struggle to recognise them, although using OD sum defines them as definetly separate entities.

Any help would be much apprecciated :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot


The simplest solution is probably exactly what you have already done. Use positive cell counting, and remove the positive cells (or using a classifier later - using whichever measurement works to separate them).
As a script, it would probably look like:


Both steps are recorded in the workflow when you use the GUI.
If desired you can then reset all of the negative cells: