Distances from tumor nest

Dear All,

I wanted to quantify macrophages using CD68 marker. As proposed by Mike and Pete, I’ve quantified positive pixel counts in all my slides. However, I observed that 30% of tumors have a lot a stroma in which few tumor nests are surrounded by many macrophages (like clusters) whereas the others carry big tumor nests surrounded by little stroma containing macrophages.
My question is:
would you think it relevant

  • to quantify peri-tumoral macrophages ?
  • normalizing macrophages quantity by stroma quantity (by using a stromal marker)?

If I go for peri-tumoral macrophages quantification, how to define the peri-tumoral area (a distance between tumoral cells at the surrounding and X µm of stroma) ? Is it possible with qupath ?

Thanks for your help !!

It depends on your setup. If you are using SLICs to determine approximate locations of macrophage staining, you could create a tumor annotation, and then use the distance transform in 0.2.0m2 to look at average distance between tumor and macrophage staining.

There is also this thread on expanding tumor area borders, either outward or inward.

Check the Object menu in your current version for the GUI version to play around with, and the script above might take some tweaking. Pete’s original version is linked at the top of that thread, I think.

Make that m3 now. Hah.