Distance Dependent Particle density

Hello! I am attempting to determine the concentration dependence upon distance and was hoping there was some way to determine the distance from a certain x position that each particle is located in order to determine the distance dependence. I would be eternally grateful for any advice!

Thank you!

Can you post an example image?

It looks like you need to detect your particles (so they are binary) and then use the “Analyze > Analyze Particles” command after selecting the “Center of mass” or “Centroid” options in the “Analyze > Set Measurements” menu.

Here is an example image.

You might need a different approach to your problem, look what a simple profile do to your image.

This obviously depends on the particle concentration in x axis

Hi @hogkay,

if I interpret your question correct what might help is a distribution plot of the X position from the results table since it shows you the counts of particles in a certain binning range of the x-position in the image.
In the foollowinc case I binarized your image, ran Analyze Particles.... and the chose from the results table menu Results►Distribution...
Here I chose X as the value to plot and a bin number of 30 (while you can plot this in finer bins if you need to.

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