Distance between particles

Hey there.
I’m pretty new to image analysis so this might seem a minor problem. I have a .tif animation of 4 fluctuating points (994 frames), and I need to measure distances between those points for each frame. Is there a plugin or a macro that can automate such a task?
Thanks in advance.

You can use TrackMate to measure the coordinates of the points; then use any analysis software (such as KNIME, R, or simply Excel) to calculate the distances.

For an example workflow using KNIME to process the TrackMate output data, see the supplementary material of this publication (Disclaimer: I am a co-author):

Hauer et al.
Histone degradation in response to DNA damage enhances chromatin dynamics and recombination rates
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 24, 99–107 (2017)


Thank you! Worked like a charm.