DisplayOnImage issue?


I’m trying to use the"DisplayOnImage" module. First, I use the OverlayOutlines module to create an image where the object outlines is applied on a fluo image, and the result is good (image#1). But when I want to display some data on this OverlayOutlines image, I’m getting a bad image (image#2).
anyone could help me, is it a known bug?
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here is the pipeline
exp51_thp1.cpproj (544.3 KB)

Could be any or a combination of three things:

  1. Once you add outlines with OverlayOutlines, your image goes from being a greyscale to a color image and there’s some rescaling that happens during that conversion.
  2. Your display settings for CP are not showing you representatively what the image looks like.
  3. DisplayDataOnImage is actually a really complicated module that does a lot of image processing under the hood that can lead to some weird artifacts

My advice when working with things like this-

  1. Set your display settings to ‘Raw’ under File->Preferences, that’ll give you the best sense of what your images actually look like.
  2. Rescale your image before overlay; that may help avoid the issues of things getting scaled poorly downstream.
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many thanks, a rescaling seems to have solved my issue. thanks