Displaying scatterplot of objects from multiple images?

Is this possible to do? I am new to CellProfiler and I was able to identify photoreceptor cells and display a scatterplot of two measured values from one of the modules, but I want to create a combined scatterplot of all of the cycles. So if I have say 4 images, the scatterplot module runs but only displays the scatterplot of the final image in my input folder- is there a way to combine objects from multiple images into one plot? Thanks for any advice!

You can use the DisplayScatterplot module as a data tool. To do this, you would need to run your analysis to completion, minus the DisplayScatterplot module (it’s not needed at this point). Then, go to Data tools > DisplayScatterplot from the main menu bar; it will prompt for the location of the output file (the file that’s named DefaultOUT.mat or similar), ask you to set the settings, and plot the requested measurements from the full analysis run.

Hope this helps!