DisplayDataOnImage "bug

I would like to display the object number on my nuclei in order to help troubleshoot my pipeline. However, when I try to run the DisplayDataOnImage module, it won’t let me. The error reads “Number has an unmeasured feature name” (see attached). I’m sure I used this feature previously when I was running CP1.0, but there remains a distinct possibility I’m doing something stupid, in which case I apologise for bothering you!

Best wishes


Hi Jamie,

I have seen this before. For me, you simply have to actively select and click your desired drop-down choice. Then wait a few seconds for the behind-the-scenes settings checker to verify the choice and the red text should go away. In your case, click “Number” to select it, and then click Number again to choose it (even if it happens to be the only choice). You may need to do this for every drop-down above and below.

Does that work for you? I’ll add an issue to our tracker to fix this. [EDIT: Actually, it’s already been fixed github.com/CellProfiler/CellPro … ssues/1184 In any case, my workaround above still applies]


Great! Thanks David - I did just need to confirm the selection on the next dropdown below.

Thanks for your help


Good - thanks for confirming that and writing back. It should be fixed in the next release.

I also noticed this bug on the measurement dropdown menu in ClassifyObjects when trying to classify based of number of children

I selected the measurement category to classify by: “Children”, but as I only had one feature in the children category (the count) I had to press the feature a few times to remove the red warning box.